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Gymnastics Classes


WAG's Membership Fee: $60.00 a year

30 Days Notice Before 1st of Month Required to Drop Class

Please note:

Our fees posted are Monthly Fees when reviewing the list of classes.

Beginning Gymnastics

Beginning Recreational Gymnastics Programs are great for girls and NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. They are grouped by divisions based on skill level and age.  This one hour class is designed to introduce your child to the basic skills of all four women's Olympic gymnastic events. 

Ages: 6-9



Intermediate Gymnastics

This intermediate gymnastics class is available to those who have tested out of Beginning Gymnastics and have a cartwheel, roundoff, and a bridge. This one hour and 15-minute class is designed to progress your child to learning a back walkover and enhancing her skills on Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor.

Ages: 6.5 +



Xcel Prep

Xcel Prep

This 1.5-hour class is to prepare girls for the XCEL competitive Team which is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program. The students will work on perfecting skills needed at the bronze level such as beam handstands, back walkovers on the floor, vault flatbacks, but most importantly arms and technical body positions needed to compete in the 2020-2021 competition year. The students also work on the next level skills as well.

All Ages


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