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GAC's Membership Fee: $60.00 a year
While there is no monthly tuition for these adult "drop-in" sessions, GAC does require that all 

adult gymnasts become members to cover the liability of their participation.
*Membership must be obtained before participation*

Adult Gym Info

General Information

What day and what time?

Adult sessions will run at GAC West Ashley on Tuesdays  from 8 PM to 9 PM. ​This is subject to occasional cancellation per coach availability, so be certain to double check before showing up. Coach Emmett sends out an email to the roster each week, and he also managed a texting group chat for when there is a last minute cancellation. You can request to be included in that group if youd like!

How do these sessions work?

Our West Ashley adult gymnastics open sessions are not an official class, but rather an open-to-the-public opportunity run by Coach Emmett in his free time. This hour in the gym typically starts with a group warmup after which you are free to set your own skill or strength goals and the coach will help you move towards them. It can be as hands-on or hands-off as youd like based on your experience and need for assistance. 

How much does it cost?

Alongside the $60 yearly membership fee above, the cost is $10 per session. This should be paid directly to Coach Emmett (or the substitute coach) and must be in the form of cash, check, or digital transfer. They cannot run a credit card. 

Necessary Experience

What if I've never done gymnastics, cheer, or dance?

Doesn't matter! There's no prerequisite experienced required to participate in adult gymnastics at GAC. We only ask that you listen well, respect the gym's rules, and enjoy the challenge of the sport!

What if I have a significant past injury?

Let the coach know BEFORE you start to participate so we can do our job accordingly. If you have a history of ankle or knee injuries, make sure you wear a brace! 

Necessary Experience

Upcoming Cancellations

-Once you are enrolled in the class you will be informed about any upcoming cancellations for West Ashley Adult Gymnastics as they arise 

Adult Gym Cancellations
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